Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At the office...

Sorry about the frustration in my last post. This one will not be whiny... I promise.

Anyway, here I am at the office of Women In Transition... and I will take this time to tell you more about the organization I'm dedicating my summer to.
To steal straight from our brochure...

"WIT is a grassroots organization run by and for poor people working to create a world in which everyone's economic human rights are provided. Started in 1998 by welfare recipients, WIT believe that everyone has the right to affordable housing, healthcare, clothing, adequate childcare, clothing, and food for their families. We also believe that children should not be removed from their families because they lack these basic human rights."
"Being led by the poor is fundamental in building a movement to eradicate poverty. We use strong language and powerful actions, because eliminating poverty is something that can be done."

We have two main issues we've been working on this year...
-Dismantling Classism
-Claiming Our Rights, Reclaiming Our Children

We've also been working with the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the Raise the Wage Campaign.

I have two jobs right now... preparing for the U.S. Social Forum and Recruitment. I've also been helping out with our newsletter, which should be out by the weekend!
This week looks like a lot of time in the office - on the computer and on the phone - and a recruitment push this Saturday. I'll try to update Saturday afternoon to tell you all how recruitment went! Hopefully it's more of a success than last Saturday :(


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Patrick Noltemeyer said...

Good luck with your recruitment efforts! I know that can be frustrating!